“The Image of a good environment gives, to those who have it, an important sense of emotional security. You can establish a harmonious relationship between yourself and the outside world. This is the inverse of the fear that results from disorientation; means that the sweet sense of home is stronger when the home is not only familiar but also distinctive. “
Lynch, Kevin – The Image of the City

The set of three buildings proposed for this new area of the city were designed to think of the comfort of its future users, offering a set of solutions, both aesthetic, functional and constructive, of high quality to allow a contemporary and sophisticated lifestyle, in line with today’s highest demand standards.

Associated with this idea of contemporaneity,  the identity and memory of the place are maintained through the use of granite walls, once existing in the division of the plots, in the covering of the wall panels in contact with the ground. The upper floors adopt a different language, proposing the glass and aluminum composite panels as outer coating, conveying an image of modernity.

The apartments, mostly typology 3 bedroom apartments and 4 bedroom penthouses, were designed to provide a familiar environment in harmony with the natural surroundings that characterize this place, giving priority to the landscape and creating large outdoor spaces in the form of balconies, which complement and communicate with the interior spaces.

The materials and technical solutions adopted emphasize the ecological and environmental concerns inherent in our time, and all the comfort and interior climate care have been foreseen for effective daily living and use.

Branco Cavaleiro Architects


Branco Cavaleiro Architects is an architecture studio whose multidisciplinary team aims to respond, in a contemporary way, to the proposed challenges in several areas of architecture, design and urbanism. We looked the act of making architecture, with the sense and responsibility of seeing our ideas integrated the needs of contemporary society, in an incessant attempt to search for new concepts and ideas tailored to each place.


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Parque da Cidade 
Viana do Castelo, Portugal